Trinidad Valentin: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Creative

Trinidad Valentin: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Creative

Trinidad Valentin Bio

Trinidad Valentin is a popular American Model. She is quite well known. Besides being a model, people know about her as Saweetie’s mother. Saweetie is a famous American music personality. Trinidad was born in 1976 in the United States of America, which makes her age 45 years old as of now. She belongs to the ‘Cancer’ zodiac sign.  Her hometown is situated in Central Valley, California, USA. She is American by nationality but her ethnicity is Filipino-Chinese. She is a Christian by religion. 


Despite being a model herself, the world does know her as the mother of rapper Saweetie. It does show how the child has come out of the shadows of her mother. Hence, it does tell a lot about Trinidad and the impact she has done on becoming famous and letting herself be famous too. Her husband’s name is Johnny Harper, he is popular because of his wife and mostly due to his world-famous daughter. Despite Trinidad having a private account, she does have a good number of followers which is over 26.1K followers. She has written on her Instagram profile: “Family first. ❤️ Proud momma of Diamonte Harper. ❤️Passion for travel and photography. ❤.” It does tell a lot about Trinidad and how much loves to travel and capture moments.

Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin’s Boyfriend

Trinidad Valentin did have some boyfriends before marrying Johnny Harper, who is the love of her life. The pair did get married in the early 1990s. And on 2 July 1993, they did welcome Saweetie, also known as Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper. They are happily married and raised a mega star named Saweetie, who has become the biggest reason behind the reason of their fame. They have two other children named Maya and Milan. 

Trinidad does not have a boyfriend now as she is a married woman. Johnny Harper is the husband of Trinidad. Hence, many do call her Trinidad Harper too. This does talk a lot about Trinidad and the impact she has made to keep on growing well.  

“Well, at one point in a time, Johnny Harper was my boyfriend. But now he is my husband. When he was my boyfriend, it did create some sweet memories for me. Hence, I call it beautiful,” said Trinidad.


Trinidad Valentin Children

Trinidad is blessed to have three children. However, the most famous is Saweetie who is now a famous American rapper. Trinidad Valentin was born on 2 July 1993 in Santa Clara, California, United States. Maya and Milan are other the other two other children of hers. Hence, she lived life in a very happy family of 5. One can see both Maya and Milan joining Saweetie at some award shows and clicking pictures for media.

“For me, Saweetie, Maya and Milan are all the superstars. They do feel special to see when seeing Saweetie getting headlines in the media and making us all proud. These are three children who are inseparable, which is a mother makes me feel proud,” she said.

Hence, it does tell how much Trinidad loves all her children.

“I feel special that all of the children do know how to live life in a better manner, she added.

Trinidad Valentin’s PHYSICAL STATS

Trinidad Valentin height is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm). She has a slim type of body which adds to her character nicely and reflects her attitude, she weighs approximately about 120lbs (55 kilograms) Trinidad wears a shoe of size 6.5 The color of both her eyes and her hair is Dark Brown. Her body measurements are 35-26-38 in inches or 89-66-96.52 in cm.

She is a model and does push to do yoga and go to the gym which many models in the age of Trinidad do not do. Hence, it does give another reason to follow the journey of Trinidad.

She has done a few cosmetic surgeries but she is not a too big fan of making tattoos. It does show how models take care of fitness. For the skincare purpose, she does use the products of Clinique mostly. It is the same brand singer Harry Styles use.

Trinidad Valentin’s FACTS AND WIKI

    • Trinidad Valentin is a celebrity mother. Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, is the daughter of Trinidad.
    • Valentin does like to travel, do photography, hang out with friends, and read books.
    • Trinidad has managed to read over 50 books in her life.
    • She is a movie buff and does like to watch the latest Hollywood movies and series.
    • Paris is her beloved holiday destination.
    • She does like Caribbean, American, Italian, and Indian cuisines.
    • Trinidad is a huge fan of basketball.
    • She did invite her first baby into life when she was just 17 years old.
    • Trinidad is too much fond of high-end luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, and all.
    • Pizza is her all-time beloved dish.
    • She does like to drink wine but not soft drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
    • She does not even smoke.
    • Trinidad does know how to swim and she does like that.
    • Tom Cruise is her all-time beloved star.
    • She is very fond of Indian culture as she feels it is the source of all her energy.
    • Trinidad does have taste for Bollywood movies also – but she does not watch a lot of these movies.
    • Netflix is her beloved OTT platform.
    • She does not like to cook a lot.


Trinidad Valentin’s Early Life

Trinidad Valentin did come from a very humble yet famous background. Her father Willie Miles Harper is a famous American football legend. Her father was famous for being a former linebacker for the San Francisco 49er of the NFL. Even her brother Josh Harper is not a small name. He is an American football wide receiver for the Oakland Panthers. He does compete in the Indoor Football League. He did play college football with Fresno State. However, Josh did not make it to the level of the NFL like his father. Hence, it does show that she did have money while growing up.

“My father is a huge name in NFL and when I will this to my kids they feel that grandfather is a big shot and it makes them feel happy what I can say is how much he helped me to make my childhood look great,” she said.  

Trinidad Valentin’s Family

Trinidad Valentin kept her life very personal before her marriage so no information is known about her dating life. But the status of her marriage is well known. She is married to a former American footballer who played for the national team named Johhny Harper. Saweetie is the daughter of Johhny and Trinidad. The beautiful couple has two more daughters which are Saweetie’s siblings. (Maya and Milan). It is a family of five people that do make an impact in the very best way and create a look that one takes as an example of a happy life.

It is what tells a lot about Trinidad and how well she has made her family work in a better manner. She and her husband did earn well so the kids can have a decent life and now Saweetie has taken things to the next level. It does tell how rich life they are living now.

Trinidad  Valentin

Trinidad Valentin EDUCATION

Trinidad Valentin calls herself a socially educated lady. She did get basic education but did not opt to make University level as she did start to get work as a model and it did help her to become a famous name, but mostly after her daughter become famous.

“I am not too educated but I did not let my kids be the same as being educated is good as you never know what to do for keeping things alive and education does play a major role to keep on going very well, she said.

She did send Saweetie to Merrill F. West High School in Tracy. After that, she did make a move to Trail High School. She did have her first kid when she was 17 years old, so did start her journey to become something in a career at a very young age. Hence, it has made her even more socially educated.     

Trinidad Valentin Husband

Trinidad husband does not come from a too rich background of famous people. Johnny Harper is the husband of Trinidad Valentin. He is only famous for being the father of Saweetie. Johnny is a handsome husband and father who worked all his life to see his children where they are now; at the top of the world. He did not say much about his professional life but all Trinidad told that he worked his socks off for making the kids become who they want to be. It was Johnny who used to take children to music festivals and it is what helped the family to become who they are.

It does show how Johnny did push Saweetie to be an independent woman which is the need of the hour for putting an example in society. This is what defines Trinidad’s husband the most – a fine gentleman or a family man.    


Trinidad Valentin Professional CAREER

Trinidad Valentin is a model who has worked for several American brands and has done modeling in various stages of her career. She does even host the events which is a great way of telling her career journey. She has always believed to become a name that the world can feel proud of. She has worked for several magazines but has never been on the front page like a star. It is just sometimes even connections do work. However, the dream she set for herself, has been lived by her daughter Saweetie as she has become a global star and which is like a dream come true for people. “When I do see my children making an impact as a rapper

it makes me feel that she is living my dream. The dream I set for my life. The way she talks, walks, and conducts herself, I do feel that she is miles ahead of me and there are not many better professionals than her, which is itself a huge thing, she said.  Despite not being a top model, she has created a huge net worth of USD 1 million as of 2023, which is indeed huge in many different ways. She is very fond of luxurious life also.

Trinidad Valentin


Trinidad Valentin’s Net Worth

 Trinidad has created a huge net worth of USD 1 million as of 2023, which is indeed huge in many different ways.

Trinidad Valentin SOCIAL MEDIA

Being a model, Trinidad Valentin has looked to make an impact on social media. Despite now being a celebrity mother, Trinidad did not make the profile she can as her Instagram handle is private. But still, she has over 26.1K followers. It is indeed huge when the account is private. It means she does check her follower’s respect before letting them see her Instagram profile. She has not made her YouTube channel yet. Instagram is the only place where the public can see her activity. It does talk about how well she does live her life away from social media despite being a model as models do like to use social media to make their profile better and multiply earning sources.

“For me, Instagram is place where I can put the collection of my memories and it is not much more than this to me. Hence, my handle is private, she said.

Who is Trinidad Valentin?


Trinidad is a model and celebrity mother. Her daughter is American rapper Saweetie, who is a famous personality.


Where is Trinidad Valentin’s from?

Trinidad hails from Central Valley, California. She is a Filipina-Chinese by ethnicity.


What were Trinidad Valentin’s videos?


In an episode of The Icy Life Saweetie, she did let the viewers know about her mother Trinidad. She did appear in a videoes Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” video and DMX’s video for “What They Really Want” featuring SisQó.


What is Trinidad Valentin’s Nationality?  


Trinidad Valentin now has American/US nationality.


What is Trinidad Valentin’s net worth?


The net worth of Trinidad Valentin is at USD 1 million as of 2023.

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