Trinidad Valentin: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Creative

Trinidad Valentin: Bio, Age, Height, Life, Creative

Trinidad  Valentin is a popular American Model. She is quite well known. Besides being a model, people know about her as Saweetie’s mother. Saweetie is a famous American music personality. Trinidad was born in 1976 in the United States of America, which makes her age 45 years old as of now. She belongs to the ‘Cancer’ zodiac sign.  Her hometown is situated in Central Valley, California, USA. She is American by nationality but her ethnicity is Filipino-Chinese. She is a Christian by religion. 

PHYSICAL STATS: Trinidad  Valentin

Trinidad Valentin’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches (170cms).

She has a slim type of body which adds to her character nicely and reflects her attitude, she weighs approximately about 120lbs (55kilograms)

Trinidad wears a shoe of the size 6.5

The colour of both her eyes and her hair is Dark Brown.

FACTS AND TRIVIA: Trinidad  Valentin

  • Trinidad says she is very honored to be a part of a traditional-Filipino family.
  • Her net worth is roughly $4 million.
  • Trinidad’s daughter Saweetie’s real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper.
  • Trinidad said she is proud of the fact that she became more famous due to her daughter Saweetie.
  • Trinidad gave birth to her daughter when she was a teenager.

FAMILY: Trinidad  Valentin

Trinidad Valentin gave birth to Saweetie on 2nd of July 1993. She decided to raise her kid in Central Valley, California. It is also known that Trinidad’s mother had a massive hand in the bringing up and raising her daughter Saweetie because Trinidad was fairly young when she became a mother so she did not have any experience on how to raise a child. She gave birth to two more daughters after Saweetie.

Not much is known about Trinidad’s parents and siblings besides the fact that she has a total of six siblings. We will update you soon when we get more information on this.

LOVE LIFE / MARITAL STATUS: Trinidad  Valentin

Trinidad Valentin kept her life very personal before her marriage so no information is known about her dating life. But the status of her marriage is well known. She is married to a former American footballer who played for the national teams named Johhny Harper. Saweetie is the daughter of Johhny and Trinidad. The beautiful couple has two more daughters which are Sawteetie’s siblings. (Maya and Milan)

Trinidad  Valentin

EDUCATION: Trinidad  Valentin

Trinidad has not ever spoken much about her education. We will update on this as soon as we find out any information. She delivered her first baby at just the age of 17 years which makes her most likely to be a dropout, but this is nothing more than a guess in the dark.


Trinidad has always been into modelling since she was young. In her teens, she appeared in many YouTube videos. She previously worked as a video model before her marriage.

Besides her personal work, she became more famous for being Saweetie’s mother and she herself admitted that she is proud of this fact.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million but the exact source of her income still remains a mystery. Either way she lives a rich lavish lifestyle and most of her income is connected to her daughter who is a famous singer and her husband who is a former football player.


Her instagram handle is @trini_travels but she is not very active and she also keeps her account private. She has vaguely around 28K followers.

She does not have an account on any other social media platform yet, but we will update you if she decides to sign up on other social media platforms.

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