Cocaine Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative, Class

Cocaine Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative, Class

Cocaine is one of the things everyone should put in their “not to do” list for sure. It is a very dangerous drug that can change your brain structure and could also kill you. Definitely not worth the fun, but there’s one way to enjoy the existence of the drug without in taking it. The memes! The memes on cocaine are funny, people are enjoying it, certainly more than trying it. Even the people who are in rehabs fighting the drug, finding the memes to make their recovery process less difficult. The drug will make you sick but the memes on it will make you laugh.


As more & more people are finding about that drug and realizing it is something one should never get involved with, memes are helping them in the understanding. Through memes people have come to realize that it might be a fun drug but the fun is not worth the effects. And talking about the people who have already gone down the pot hole and are struggling with addiction, memes are also making their mind understand the fact the life is beautiful and one should live & laugh, not dwell in the drugs. Then there are the people who have accepted to change themselves and are in rehab or treatment fighting the bad drugs, through memes we are making many users help their recovery. Their journey might be a little easier if they are struggling with withdrawls but also smiling because they relate to the cocaine memes. This is why the memes have held hands of different people in their toughest times.

Cocaine Meme


  • When you meet someone who enjoys life without cocaine and alcohol – Is it possible for me to master this super power?
  • Me checking into rehab – (In Miachel Scott’s voice) I am going to make this harder than it is supposed to be.
  • Me telling my coke dealer that I’m going to rehab for 3 months. Him – Ok see you again in 90 days.
  • When you are addiction free at rehab but the credit card declines at the time of payment – Welp, looks like I gotta do Cocaine again.
  • Coffee drinkers staring at cocaine addicts not realizing that coffee is also a harmful addiction
  • When you are addicted but also have a full time job – I work hard for myself to provide for my addiction.
  • When you’re walking into the rehab for the 13th time in your life – Ah shit, here we go again.
  • When somebody tells you to stop doing cocaine and get help – It’s not an addiction, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Coffee shop : Cream or sugar with your coffee? Me – Cocaine.


What makes people share meme even when they are thousands of miles away from you? What makes them send memes to you even when they are in the middle of a tough phase in their life? Why do you make time to see memes everyday and react to the memes sent by your family & friends? The answer is just simple. Because it makes us happy. It makes the stress go away and it definitely makes coping with any situation easier. We share and receive memes because we are sharing our emotions with them. Sometimes it might be hard for someone to describe a problem to someone, but you find the perfect meme for it, one can relate to it and understand. Memes make us feel like we are not alone.

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