Machi Kuragi: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Storyline

Machi Kuragi: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Storyline

Manga are known for excellent storytelling, beautiful characters and their progression in the story with addition of few supporting characters. The hype and popularity of the manga depends on the story and the main characters but there are many other supporting characters that might go unnoticed. One such character which is not that quite popular but liked by a few audiences due to its short yet impactful appearance is Machi Kuragi from Fruits Basket manga. Let us know about her in more detail.

Character Origins: Machi Kuragi

Machi Kuragi is a fictional side character in the manga Fruits Basket which appeared for the first time in the 42nd Chapter with a small cameo. She got her full length role in the 49th Chapter. machi kuragi has a very small role in the manga storyline but still does impressive stuff to have the attention of the readers and viewers.

machi kuragi is the half sister of Kakeru Manabe, who happens to be the illegitimate son of her father. She is the legitimate child of her father, but due to his father’s two wives conundrum, they both have serious fights among the family. She was raised with hate over her brother due to him being the elder yet illegitimate son and also claiming to be the heir of her father’s assets.

Character Backhistory: Machi Kuragi

Machi Kuragi is a young teenage girl from Kaibara Municipal High school. She was raised with inheritance rivalry hence the hate on her brother raised eventually and she despised him at every second. His half brother is the vice president of the student, and under the guidance of her mother she used to carry all the misdeeds on him to take him down.

Machi is a very soft girl with no intentions to hate his half brother as he was a good person on his own in the school, but due to her mother’s pressure, Machi has to live up to the expectations and under the guidance of her mother who made her hate him. Machi always wanted her mother to be happy and hence she had to do all the things she offered her to do which mostly included to defame, derogate her half brother Kakeru who happens to be a nice person with a good reputation all over the town.

Character Appearance: Machi Kuragi

Machi Kuragi is a young 16-year-old teenager with a beautiful face and calm personality. machi kuragi is very beautiful with dark grey hair and the addition of brown eyes made her look even more beautiful.

machi kuragi is seen with long hair and long thin legs as her entire body was in thin structure. She was accurately designed as a teenage young girl, hence her facials and body were very thin. Her beautiful face lacked expressions and she didn’t used to smile carrying a expressionless face giving her the tag of ‘Most boring person’. usually all the scenes of her very majorly during her school time,hence the majority of time she was seen in her uniform which had blue skirt with white shirt and long socks with brown shoes.

Character Personality

She is a very quiet, emotionally detached girl in the manga. She does not have good communication skills hence she has very few friends. machi kuragi is usually seen defaming her brother due to the family pressure of her to hate her but she has no hate or aggression towards her half brother but due to excessive pressure, she was supposed to do all the misdeeds on him, which her half brother used to be annoyed with and hate her half sister as well. The rivalry was too aggressive due to the family pressure and they both didn’t actually hate each other. She was the daughter of a rich father and her wealth with her beauty was not enough, as she was considered to be the most boring person in the school. She didn’t speak much as she had a very calm and cool personality.

machi kuragi

Character Popularity

Machi Kuragi is a side character which appeared in the 42nd chapter, which means she had a very late appearance in the manga series. But that didn’t make her lose time, as she was seen with enough depth and her calm personality with no-harm causing attitude was loved by everyone. Due to her mother’s pressure in the inheritance rivalry, she was made to hate and defame his brother, but in her heart, she always had a soft corner on his brother. Hence, she had a very good response from the audience and people loved her beautiful appearance in addition to her even more beautiful personality.

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