Done Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Done Meme: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

Memes are quite popular in social media, where people write captions on simple yet funny images, either from a movie scene or any funny video and share among the communities. One such type of meme which went viral was ‘It’s Done’ meme. Let us know about this meme in more detail.


There is no particular template or any movie scene from which these kinds of memes are made. People use the text ‘And… It’s done’, on any movie scene or image, by captoniong it to say that their work there is over. Theis meme run was done during 2017-18 period, where memes started happening within a short period and ws new sensation among the people.


This meme is taken from a famous line while having conversation in English, when we are tired from doing that particular thing, we say “And, It’s done’. It’s also used to signify the completion of that work. With little touch of sarcasm and humour to it, the memes popped up everywhere with many templates on this. The text generally written on many of the movie scenes, funny videos or character’s funny expressions is “And, its done” or “It’s done”.


Although this was not considered to be the memes which all were heavily addicted but yet in the time period of 2017-18, there were more than thousand memes on this topic, floating around the social media. The simple theme or just funny expression required in the image and simple two to three word sentence, and caption it. That’s it , it’s done. The simplicity and sarcastic images used for the templates without any particular template made this meme widely reached among the crowd and that was loved by everyone.

Done Meme


The templates used were mostly celebrity images, and some of the famous movie scenes, yet the memes were never meant to make mockery of them or any offensive jokes have been cracked through these memes. All the memes were meant for sarcasm and the humour has been intact throughout the meme trend and these memes are still popular nowadays.

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