World faces most dangerous decade since WW2 – Putin

World faces most dangerous decade since WW2 – Putin

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the world is facing “probably the most dangerous” decade since World War II’s end. In a broad speech, he attempted to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a move that has isolated his country internationally. Mr. Putin also accused the West of using nuclear weapons against Russia in order to force allies to abandon Moscow. The West has condemned the Kremlin’s recent veiled nuclear threats. Earlier this week, NATO condemned Russia’s unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine might use a “dirty bomb” – conventional explosives laced with radioactive material. Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that members of the alliance “reject this allegation” and that “Russia must not use it as a pretext for escalation. Ukraine War Latest News Today.

President Putin was speaking at the annual Valdai forum in the aftermath of a string of military defeats in Ukraine and growing public outrage in Russia over a drive to mobilize 300,000 Russians for the war effort. He had overseen routine nuclear exercises the day before his address in Moscow, which included a simulated nuclear strike in retaliation for an enemy’s massive nuclear attack. “We’ve never said anything proactively about Russia’s potential use of nuclear weapons. We’ve only offered hints in response to comments made by Western leaders “He informed his audience. Russia Ukraine Putin News.

President Putin singled out former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss for saying during a campaign event in August that she would be willing to press the nuclear button if circumstances demanded it. He expressed surprise that the UK’s allies did not object: “What should we have done? Keep quiet? Pretend we didn’t hear anything?” However, he has repeatedly warned that Russia will use “all available means” to protect itself in the face of what is widely perceived as a clear nuclear threat. Russia Putin Ukraine.

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What we witnessed and heard today was Vladimir Putin’s world. It’s a world where Russia is blameless and the West is to blame for everything, from the Ukraine war to the global food crisis. We saw a Kremlin leader who has no regrets for what he has done, or who is unwilling to express them publicly if they exist. Russia Ukraine War Latest News Today.

As a result, Vladimir Putin painted a parallel reality of what is happening for us. He blamed the West for “igniting” the conflict in Ukraine and insisted that the new world order be based on “law and justice” – this from a president who launched a full-scale invasion of a sovereign, independent nation eight months ago. He claimed that Russia was falsely accused of threatening to use nuclear weapons. Nonetheless, President Putin has made several unsubtle hints since February that he is willing to use every weapon in Russia’s arsenal in this conflict. Ukraine Live News.

This does show the fact that how the world shapes when two top brands do hock horns against each other, not at the platform of sports but to kill and make bad things happen. As Russia is in Ukraine, it does give them a bad look in many different eyes. Hence, one has to look deep before making any takes. As every decision is impact people around the world.

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