The Benefits of Buying a Trail Camera From Fin Feather Fur

The Benefits of Buying a Trail Camera From Fin Feather Fur


As a regular hunter, I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and success, and I’m often having discussions with people about it. I happened to be chatting with a Fin Feather Fur advisor a couple of months ago, and he asked me if I’d ever considered buying a trail camera.

Now, I’d heard of trail cameras, but I’d never really given them a second thought. However, when I was told about the benefits, I invested just under 140 bucks to see what it could do. 

What Is a Trail Camera?

As the guy at Fin Feather Fur told me, a trail camera is basically what’s also known as a game cam, and it allows you to take pictures of animals in their natural habitat without you having to be there. They represent a valuable tool that can be used to track your prey’s movements and scout new areas. 

Motion activated and protected by a camouflaged cover, the advantages of owning one are numerous and include:

  • Great for snaps of nature that you’d otherwise not be able to take 
  • You can spot elusive human-shy animals with one
  • Trail cameras let you scout areas remotely, giving you more time
  • Videos can also be taken – offering even more ability to spot unusual species

With a trail camera, you get both game & non-game information that gives you a constant presence in that area. This kind of insight can be priceless for hunters who want to get the utmost out of their time out in the wilderness. 

Are They Easy to Use?

Pretty much, yes. After buying one from a reputable supplier like Fin Feather Fur, you simply have to go and find the area you want to scout. Then, find a nearby tree and affix the camera to the tree at a height of around 5 feet (around 1.5 meters), and when the animal you’re looking for goes past, its motion will trigger the device to record video or still pictures.

If you’re not a fan of wireless doorbell and camera technology – due to the obtrusiveness of having an internet-connected camera in your home, then a trail camera doubles rather well as a home security camera. Set up in the same way and located in a concealed way that burglars won’t easily spot, you can keep your home safe with a standalone device that doesn’t need to connect online.

These nifty bits of kit also come with night vision and hardly use any power or storage space as nothing is triggered until someone or something moves past them. 

Is a Fin Feather Fur Trail Camera What You’ve Been Looking For?

If you’re an avid hunter like me and you want to improve your scouting skills and be able to monitor your hunting ground 24/7, then a trail camera might just be what you’ve been looking for. It’s done a lot for me, and I’m pretty sure it’s a device that can help many others too.