Benefits of Using Period Proof Underwear in Australia

Benefits of Using Period Proof Underwear in Australia

Every month, for about two to seven days, Aunt Flo makes herself at home. The menstrual cycle knocks on your door every month, bringing body aches, nausea, severe cramps, and mood swings. Picking the right outfit is another stress factor, as you constantly worry about staining your clothes. Around 74% of Australians find it difficult to focus on things due to sanitary concerns. Period proof underwear in Australia allows you to deal with your menstrual flow comfortably.

What is Period Proof Underwear?

Period proof or period underwear is designed to make your menstrual cycle tension-free and comfortable. It is reusable, disposable, and comes in the form of underwear or knickers. Period underwear offers extra protection by adding multiple layers that ensure it absorbs moisture and blood, regardless of the flow.

How is Period Underwear Beneficial?

1. Stay Relaxed

While remedies and medicines help with your cramps, what do you turn to when your flow makes you fidgety, anxious, and restless? Conventional menstrual products require you to change them every couple of hours. On the other hand, period underwear allows you to relax and rest without getting up to check for leakage or stains or to change it.

2. Free Bleeding

You usually wear standard period products with your underwear, which can feel uncomfortable, but menstrual underwear works alone. Unlike tampons or sanitary pads, you can wear period underwear as it is. If you wish, you can wear it but other products, but it’s not an essential requirement. Wearing period underwear alone gives your blood enough room to flow freely without staining it. Additionally, period underwear absorbs blood easily, which prevents you from feeling stuffy. For more updates , visit:

3. You Can Reuse It

For hygiene and comfort purposes, you discard standard menstrual products every few hours. Changing pads every three to seven hours means using three to seven sanitary napkins daily. On the other hand, menstrual underwear can be reused. Instead of throwing it away, wash it thoroughly before putting it in again. To clean your menstrual underwear:

  • Soak your period panties in cold water and rinse them
  • Seal your underwear in a washable bag, put it inside a washing machine, and set it to gentle washing.
  • Hang your underwear to dry it. Putting in a dryer can damage its fabric.
  • Soak your underwear in vinegar to get rid of any four smells.

4. Budget-Friendly

Australian women spend approximately $20 monthly on menstrual pads and tampons since they need to be changed and stocked regularly. However, period proof underwear in Australia is reusable, saving you from spending money on a new pair daily.

5. Stay Safe and Hygienic

Menstrual underwear contains moisture-wicking properties that absorb blood and are free of harmful chemicals. Usually, wearing menstrual products for hours can cause rashes, but since menstrual underwear has a safe and toxin-free fabric, you can wear it without contracting infections.

6. Environmentally Conscious

In Australia, plastic pollution threatens about 85% of seabirds. Menstrual pads and tampons are made of plastic fibres and covered with plastic sheets. Since plastic cannot be recycled, changing pads and tampons multiple times daily negatively affects the environment. Period underwear’s fabric is safe for the environment and can be used for five years, making them suitable for the environment.

Wrapping Up

Period proof underwear in Australia makes your menstrual cycle relaxed and convenient. They are affordable, comfortable, easy to use, and safe for the environment, making them the perfect companion to beat menstrual stress!

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