What is the customer contact week(CCW)?

What is the customer contact week(CCW)?

It is a summit or occasion for the customer experience leaders to discuss and investigate the trends running in consumer engagement. The customer contact week is the number 1 customer contact series. The customer contact week is held every year at a specific location. The customer contact week Australia needs a lot of wrapping up for the preparation and includes a lot of excitement too. 

CCW is an annual event that takes place in Australia. It is held every year from the 16th to the 22nd of September, and it’s the perfect time for customer service professionals to reflect, learn and network with their colleagues.

1. It is the primary objective:

The primary objective of this event is to raise awareness about customer service excellence and deliver critical messages about customer contact best practices.

Also, the motive is to discover ideas and learn from others as it is visited by many experienced and professional ones. This is the main reason why people who are not experienced still visit the summit. To learn and get inspiration as well as knowledge and learning, they attend the summit fully without missing it. deepdotweb coadmin sentenced years prison

2. Why do people visit the customer contact week?

The summit is held on a large scale and many people visit it. Not a small amount of the population is available, to get to know about new things and to discover and learn new things there is a considerable percentage attending. 

Bringing the best employees to CCW helps them learn, network, and discover that businesses and organizations can invest in a large pool of high-quality vendors. Everyone talks enthusiastically and is eager to debate, demonstrating how much the event offers in the contact center field. And this is the only main reason why the people visit this summit held on a large scale every year for all. 

3. What are the reasons for attending the customer contact week? 

There are several reasons available for the reason why to attend customer contact week Australia. The reasons for attending customer contact week Australia are as follows:

  • Learn how top customer service providers plan their business functions to promote CX scalability.
  • Utilizing trip planning, VoC data, and feedback programs to provide the ideal customer experience
  • Planning about the adoption of intelligent automation to improve workforce management.
  • Using AI and machine learning to increase the efficiency of chatbots as well as self-service
  • Comparing the contact center’s performance against that of the finest in the business.
  • Using automated sentiment provides maximum client satisfaction and service quality.

4. How to learn best from the CCW?

By attending the CCW, one can have good learning and discover the topics related. The great experienced ones are available with full knowledge. The best ways to get the most out of it are as follows: 

  • Get soon open at the place in order not to miss 
  • Starting early every time to get a good interaction with experienced professionals
  • Picking up the sessions, workshops as well as summits before the CCW
  • Not skipping any of the networking sessions
  • Taking good notes which would help later


This week has been all about customer contact. The first day explored different types of customer service and the importance of empathy. The second day looked at how to use social media to communicate with customers. Finally, it is discussed how to ensure you’re consistently in touch with your customers, even when you’re not at work.