How Can A General Dentist Help You?

How Can A General Dentist Help You?

If your family needs dental services and assistance, turn to experts at River District Smiles. We firmly believe that achieving optimal oral health is not that difficult or impossible with a skilled general dentist on your side. Our general dentists are all professional and trained to perform expertise in any dental situation. 

A general dentist can treat any oral issues you are experiencing. Our team of experts can offer a wide range of dental services like crown and bridges, regular checkups, TMJ treatment, Tooth-colored fillings, and many more. Our general dentist can also provide important patient education like teaching proper oral hygiene and preventive care, making recommendations to avoid oral problems like cavities and gingivitis, helping your child develop brushing and flossing habits, and counseling children about factors affecting their oral health. These are just some of what a general dentist can do. 

Here are some things on how a general dentist helps you and your oral health.

Preventing Oral Problems

A general dentist can help you prevent oral health issues such as tooth decay, gum diseases, bacterial infection, and many more through various dental treatments and services. Regular treatments and checkups with your general dentist will prevent stains and bacteria from invading your mouth, teeth, and gums. Preventing oral problems at an early stage will also result in lesser dental expenses in the future. Isn’t that a win-win situation? 

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Before any problems can be solved, a precise and accurate assessment should be done first. At River District Smiles. Our general dentist can diagnose existing issues which are not visible to the patients. During the oral examination, the general dentist can examine and assess your teeth, gums, and surrounding soft tissues, if possible bacterial build-ups. Our general dentist can also recommend dental hygiene practices to help you maintain a healthier oral structure even if you have your routines.

Treating Dental Conditions

Cavity detection is an essential task that a general dentist should do. With modern technologies, your general dentist can detect any cavity formation or infection in your teeth. Not only that, if the situation cannot reverse the condition, our general dentist can do restoration through fillings, crowns, or other procedures. Dental fillings are beneficial in restoring cracked teeth or when your teeth have excessive wear from bruxism. When everything is restored, you can go back to your normal routine. Our general dentist can treat other dental conditions through our wide range of dental services. Again, it would be a much better and wiser choice to treat your oral problem as early as possible rather than waiting for it to get worse and difficult to fix. 

Oral Health Monitoring

Our general dentist in River District Smiles will also monitor your oral health condition, whether bacterial infections or gum diseases need urgent treatment. When it comes to your child, we have a variety of services to monitor the child’s growing and developing teeth. All of these will be handled by your trusted general dentist. 

Overall Health Maintenance

Having a  general dentist on your side will ensure security and assurance of your oral health. Our oral condition can create a big impact on our body system. Major oral problems like gum diseases result in body complications like heart disease, stroke, and cancer. If the oral health of the body is declining, the body becomes susceptible to infection and diseases. This is why, at River District Smiles, with the help of our professional general dentist, we always find ways to help you with your oral problems and prevent major health problems in the future. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself treated at River District Smiles. We can provide top-quality five-rated dental services to any of our clients. We are just one call away. Book your first appointment! Call us now!

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