The Four Training Requirements For Running A Marathon Next Year

The Four Training Requirements For Running A Marathon Next Year

Physical challenges can be completely life changing and a real kick start for a new healthier life, meeting new people and so much more. 

Running a marathon is certainly one of those challenges. Many people look to run a marathon for a variety of reasons these days. Firstly, there’s taking your fitness to the next level, while others see it as a goal on the pathway to something much bigger, such as sobriety.

But whatever your reason for deciding to run a marathon next year, whether it be raising money for a good cause, looking to do someone proud or overcoming cannabis withdrawal or addiction, there are a series of requirements you need to take into account with your training if you are to succeed…

Evaluate your fitness

First and foremost, before you get started with training you need to understand where you are at with your fitness. It may be you’re starting completely from scratch, perhaps as a recovering addict looking to find a new focus. Maybe you’ve never run a mile in your life and it’s the focus you need to become fitter and healthier. 

If that’s the case, then you’re going to need to spend significantly longer training than someone who is regularly running five or 10 kilometres, for example. 

Pick interim goals

Choosing interim goals is a good way to keep your training on track and see where you are at during different stages of that training. It could start with running a mile non-stop, then after a few weeks completing your first 5k. You’ll find plenty of 5k races to take part in to test that, with Parkrun a great community to help with this.

It’s then a case of building those goals all the way to marathon race day.

Finding time

We all have busy lives and you’re going to need to find the time in order to train effectively. With work, potentially looking after kids and anything else you may have going on in your life, you’re going to need to find four to five hours to train on some days. That could mean setting an alarm at 5am before work, or dedicating afternoons of your weekend to it. However you do it, it needs to be done.

Give up the junk

You can go a long way to aiding your running by having a good, well balanced diet. And that means giving up the junk food, booze and smoking. Any bad habits are going to need to go the deeper you get into training to ensure you have the energy for running and the right nutrients for recovery.

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