Software Tools for On-Line Marketing

Software Tools for On-Line Marketing

Last month we wrote about attracting qualified sales leads to your website, this month we are going to talk about the necessary tools of an online marketer. If you are really serious about your online business, I suggest you read this article in its entirety, and maybe even twice. There are certain necessary tools that an online marketer needs and even more if you’re maintaining your web pages yourself. Some of the tools listed below are not absolutely necessary for all businesses but should be considered.

1.) Submission Programs. The most important thing that an online jackpot jill marketer needs are an auto-submission program. These are programs that automatically submit your web pages to many search engines, directories, and Free for All link sites (FFA).

Submit Wolf 4.0 has a database of over 2400 search engines and link directories where you can promote your URLs. Submission to over 1200 sites is fully automated, and a listing with these engines can dramatically increase your website traffic. Submit Wolf offers a very impressive list of features such as Site Ranking to find out where you rank on the search engines by specific keywords, an engine builder, a meta-tag generator, and many others. They also have a demo for you to download.

Add Web Pro, also has a very impressive top paying online casino list of features but the one that Stands out for us is Automatic Submission to Yahoo and, where Submit Wolf does not. Add Web Pro is much faster than Submit Wolf by far and costs a little more than Submit Wolf. Both have individual features that make them worth every penny you spend. Add Web Pro currently boasts over 330,000 engines, directories, and FFA sites including server-side submissions.

Email and News Reader Programs: Any effective marketer will need an email/news reader program. There are many on the market and many of them are free. These include Netscape Messenger, Outlook, Outlook Express, Endura, AOL, and many others. These programs are very customizable and allow you to add signature files, reply to addresses, Send to Blind Carbon Copy, and Carbon Copy. I suggest that you definitely create and add a signature file to the bottom of all your outgoing emails explaining who you are, what you do, and what makes you better than your competition.

Bulk Email Programs: A word of caution here, although Congress says that unsolicited email is not illegal, it is still unacceptable netiquette. You can very well lose all creditability for you and your business, be kicked off your ISP, and possibly lose your domain. If you insist on Bulk Email, do it the correct way and buy a targeted email list. Thisisthe list that containsthe email addresses of people who have stated that they don’t mind receiving unsolicited emails about particular subjects. These lists can be bought in different sizes of anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 email addresses.

Be aware that there are many companies on the net that create these lists by automatic email retrieval programs and do not have the people authority to add them to the list. These work by searching the net and collecting email addresses that are published on any and all websites. Before you buy any list, research the company you are buying from and also ask them questions like: Are these email addresses of people who opted to be on the list? Are these email addresses new, or how old are the addresses? Are there any duplicates in the list, and are they sorted?

Many bulk email programs now have a sort of “send mail” program built in so that you are not sending mail through your ISP’s SMTP server, however, if you are a responsible emailer you should not need this feature. I would also suggest that you talk to your ISP before you start sending hundreds of emails to find out what their policies are on bulk mailings.

The general rule of thumb is if you are sending a hundred emails you will not need a bulk email program, but if are sending thousands you had better have one of these programs at your side, they have become very sophisticated right down to personalized messages for each recipient. Targeted Bulk Email can very effective for your online advertising campaign if done responsibly.