Sushil Singh: Motivation Is Key To Success

Sushil Singh: Motivation Is Key To Success

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that it is crucial to motivate people to keep on going for the ultimate glory. As the world is changing in an ever-inspiring way, it is crucial to find new ways of keeping people motivated to make them skilful.

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“Every entrepreneur must make his or her employees learn something new every day. As achieving a goal is a long-term process, it takes one extra care to make things look out of this world,” said Sushil Singh.
Sushil thinks that making employees understand the work is the most crucial thing. It makes them develop things in a very crucial way. Sushil, who is a director of SaiVa System, SaiVa AcadEmy, SSR Techvision and Deebaco and founder of Just Wish, reads over 100 books in a year. He feels that reading books is the best way to change the brain into a better system.

“I do spend hours a day reading books. It just gives me a different window to see the world and find different solutions. I do gift my beloved employees books, so they can learn something new and can take a beautiful step in their lives, added Sushil.

Motivation comes from work and understanding. It takes one year to be a self-motivator as getting a disciplined life is hard. However, if we set some realistic goals, then everything does look just better. Hardship is something we all should learn. As the COVID-19 and other unexpected things happen in our lives, it is crucial to become self-motivated. The very move can make one understand how to get things done.

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