Daniela Rajic: Bio, Age, Stripper, Paul George Partner

Daniela Rajic: Bio, Age, Stripper, Paul George Partner

Daniela Rajic is a former stripper and model. She was born on 2 November 1990 in Queens, New York, United States. First of all, it shows her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Second of all, it is clear her nationality is American. Daniela, who represents mixed ancestry, does follow the Chastain religion. However, she does not sound very religious. Daniela Rajic is the soulmate of famous basketball star Paul George. Her age is 30 years.

Daniela Rajic’s Physical Stats 

Daniela Rajic is a super good-looking lady. She stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She is a quality model and does like to stay fit. Hence, she weighs around 59 kg. Her body measurements are 36-27-36 inches. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take her looks to another level. She comes up with a tan skin tone. It indeed makes her look even more stunning. Daniela is a modern WAG. It indeed feels that she has done cosmetic work on her body. Despite being a new-age lady, she does not seem to be a huge fan of making tattoos. Her feet size is 8 (US).  Also, Read Alisha Lehmann’s Bio.

Daniela Rajic: Childhood, Parents, Siblings 

Daniela Rajic does like to keep her childhood life very private. She does not like to talk about her parents and siblings. Daniela is also not keen to share information about her educational background. It indeed feels that she must have hate academics. Hence, she chose a very different path. She did her higher studies at the University of Miami.   

Daniela Rajic’s Partner & Children 

Daniela Rajic is the long-term partner of basketball star Paul George. They met at a strip club named Tootsies, where she was working as a stripper. She did it to fund her university living. Paul liked the nature of Daniela and started a classical relationship.

Daniela Rajic
Daniela Rajic with her soulmate Paul George

Hence, they look like one of the most stable pairs ever in the sporting world. The lovely pair is blessed to have two girls, and the elder girl’s name is Olivia George. They do have a boy named Paul. The family lives a very happy life as they indeed have everything. 

Paul George and Daniela’s Wedding

In June 2022, Paul George and Daniela Rajic did marry, 9 years after they started the relationship. They did get engaged in November 2020. The marriage was attended by the kids Olivia, Natasha, and then 8-month-old Paul, who came into this world in October 2021.

They did share a picture with fans, where Paul was carrying a glass of campaign in his right hand, while his wife was carrying a beautiful designer wedding dress and flowers in her left hand. George did wear a plaid brown suit. It did also have a combination of grey sneakers, which is not usual at the marriage.  “Forever & ever,” was the post the bride wrote on Instagram and presented this beautiful day in front of the fans. They did have a meal at Nobu’s which is the pair’s beloved place to eat. It was a marriage attended by several famous basketball stars. This does how beautiful was the marriage.  


Daniela Rajic’s Professional Career 

Daniela Rajic had a short-lived career as a stripper. However, now she works as a full-time model. Mostly, Daniela likes to do swimming and jewellery modelling. Possibly, the impact of her soulmate does play a huge role in making a classical modelling career. Daniela is an independent lady who loves to make things of her own. Indeed, she is a great example for many young ladies around the world. 

Paul George and Daniela’s Engagement


On 06 November 2020, Paul George purposed to his long-time girlfriend Daniela Rajic. At that time, the world did start to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The picture was shared by a friend of the pair who was presented at the event. Paul did purpose to Daniela at the beach, near the sea. He did use white and red roses for making a cool aesthetic. Paul falls on two of his keens and purposed Daniela for starting a new chapter in their lives. The pair’s friend, Paul Cooper, posted a story where it was written on a cup “She said Yes”. It did make the pair trend on Twitter in the US on that very Friday.

“Take this walk with me to our 30s where we’ll find love for life,” George wrote on Instagram.

Even Daniela shared an image where she was showing her diamond ring. It was a symbol that they have engaged now and are ready to start a new chapter in their lives. Hence, it was a moment to remember for both.

Daniela’s On Social Media 

Daniela is a huge name on social media, with 222k followers on Instagram. She has a big presence on Pinterest. Daniela likes to share her family life and professional work on social media. 

Daniela Rajic’s Net Worth   

Daniela is a very rich lady, with a reported net worth of USD 2 million. It shows that she is indeed one of the richest WAGs ever. Not many can be as rich as her when they have a rich boyfriend or husband already. 

How many kids do PG and Daniela have?



Paul George and Daniela Rajic are blessed to have three children – two girls and one boy. Out of all three children, his son Paul is the youngest one. Olivia is the first child the pair welcomed. She came to this world in 2013. It was the same years the pair started to live together. Four years later, they welcomed Natasha, her second daughter, into their life. It even helped  Paul to become even a better player and professional, which many have testified to. In October 2021, the pair added Paul Jr. to the family. And in the summer of 2022, the pair get married.


Paul feels that he is blessed to have a lovely family, who do motivate him to work hard and keep on growing as a professional. Paul said that he loves all three children equally. They all were at the marriage ceremony of the pair.

Update his latest net worth



In 2020, Paul George did sign a mega deal for Daniela’s Wedding $190 million with the LA Clippers of NBA. It has helped now Daniela George to get money at the very best level. It is to the level that she is an entrepreneur now. She has a net worth of USD 20 million in 2023. Much credit behind this mega net worth goes to Paul, who keeps on sending the money to Daniela’s bank account. This does tell how rich she is.  Paul George has a net worth of over 120 million USD, so this does show how rich the family is. As Daniela came from a very humble background, she does do too much charity work that it is helping many families in the United States, South America and the African continent.

It does show how well they are using the money to help those who need support.

Daniela Rajic’s Husband Paul George

Paul George is an American professional basketball player who plays as a small forward/shooting guard. He was born on May 2, 1990, in Palmdale, California. Paul had played for the Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder before joining the Los Angeles Clippers. He is a seven-time NBA All-Star (2013, 2014, 2016–2019, 2021). It indeed shows his impact at the highest level. 

Social Media Of Daniela Rajic

Daniela Rajic is a celeb on social media, having over 221K followers as of 2023. She does like sharing golden moments with her husband on Instagram. Daniela does like also to use TikTok, which is in a boom in the US at the moment. The fans Paul do follow her Insta as it does give them updates about what is happening in the personal life of the mega basketball player. This does what tells a lot about Daniela and the impact she has created being a very famous WAG. This does tell the fame one can get after becoming a partner of an NBA star.

About Daniela Rajic


Daniela Rajic was a stripper before meeting the love of her life – Paul George, who is a famous NBA/basketball star. Daniela has changed her career since 2013 as meeting with Paul did bring stability to her life that she did not force to work as a stripper. Now she is a social media star, a famous WAG and an entrepreneur. It does show how well she made a transition in her career. She is now a mother of three children – two daughters and a son. She does like to cook a bit for her family but not much.


It does show a lot about Daniela and the impact she has made all the over the world. Despite being not a pop star and all, she is one of the most famous WAGs. Her model-like looks do also make an impact to show the class and impact of Daniela to the world.


Facts, Hobbies About Daniela Rajic


  • Daniela Rajic was a stripper before meeting Paul George.
  • Daniela now uses George’s surname too after marrying Paul in the summer of 2022.
  • Daniela does like to do parties, hang out with her friends and chill out.
  • She is a huge holiday freak and does not miss any chance to have a great time with the family.
  • Daniela is now a great basketball fan too.
  • She does like Mexican, American, Italian and French cuisines the most.
  • Daniela does love Lamborghini Urus the most.
  • Daniela does have a collection of 97 luxury bags. Her beloved brand is Hermès.
  • She does like to watch movies but not to the nerd level.

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