Sushil Singh: Youngsters Need Skill-oriented Platforms

Sushil Singh: Youngsters Need Skill-oriented Platforms

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that youngsters need skill-oriented platforms for making sure that talents do get a chance to express themselves. Sushil, who is the founder and director of SaiVa AcadEmy, sees a great need of making platforms where top-most qualities can be polished.

There are just a limited number of institutions where it is almost certain if one keeps on going well, there will be a better professional future. However, others need to push very hard to offer even a normal product. It happens as a top institution picks those who are disciplined in a way, while others need to work a lot to even make things normal.

“There are millions of students who are creative in a different way. They do deserve a pat on the back from someone. However, a place where planning is there does get very hard to find. In a way, it is out of their reach. Hence, it is crucial to make some places where these unpolished diamonds need a right way,” said Sushil Singh.

Indeed, many times students in the very section do lack the value of discipline. Hence, one does need to make sure several time times that these talents can be matched very well with opportunities. Otherwise, it can be hard to have justice skills with their real potential. Not everyone knows the way to glory, some do need to find the base to shine. Thus, it is crucial to have a platform where one can know that something can happen.

In the longer run, even having something is crucial as it gives hope to one that there is a chance to be successful. They have a platform and it works very well for them, indeed a safe and sweet situation.
“There should be institutions where the main focus should be on giving chances to those who deserve it the most. We, at SaiVa AcadEmy try to do the same,” added Sushil Singh.

Jobs can be created. However, increasing the level of competition through skill is crucial for making sure that there is a light of hope for those who own the sparkle. Therefore, even crossing boundaries do look essential.

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