A Brief Guide On Using Peroxide Face Wash For Breakouts

A Brief Guide On Using Peroxide Face Wash For Breakouts

As someone who’s just bought or is about to buy peroxide face wash, it’s important that you follow the guidelines to the letter. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that you’re applying a chemical to your face that can lead to soreness and irritation if done incorrectly. 

First Things First – Wash Your Hands!

The first thing we’ll say is that when using benzoyl peroxide (BP) products of any kind, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands before and after doing so. This will ensure that none of the liquid comes into contact with clothes, towels, your hair or unintended areas of skin. 

BP has a nasty habit of bleaching things it comes in contact with, so be sure to keep it away from colored fabrics, whether talking about bedding, towels or clothes. 

Finding The Correct Levels For Your Skin 

Another important thing to remember is that not everyone’s skin will react in the same way when BP is applied. Plus, available products come in a range of strengths ranging from 2.5% to 10%, so you’ll need to find the right level for your unique needs. 

Should start experiencing discomfort, redness or other irritation when using peroxide face wash, it’s likely that the strength or frequency is too high. On the other hand, if your breakouts aren’t subsiding and you don’t feel that much is happening, it might be an idea to increase the frequency or strength. 

Using the Acne Washes In the Right Way

As previously mentioned, to get the most from your acne wash, you need to use it correctly, so let’s see how that’s done.

  • Step #1 – Wash the area being treated with water and a gentle cleanser before patting it dry.
  • Step #2 – Put a little of the BP product in your hands 
  • Step #3 – Apply a thin layer of it over your chosen area
  • Step #4 – Massage into the skin and leave in place for no longer than 1-2 mins
  • Step #5 – Rinse thoroughly, ensuring none of the product remains on your skin
  • Step #6 – Again, gently pat dry

How Long Do You Keep Using It?

Following the described steps with your peroxide face wash should get you the results you’re looking for when using it every day (depending on your skin). Honestly, though, it depends very much on how fast your breakouts improve.

If you’re not starting to see an improvement after 4 weeks, it’s possible that your product is not strong enough for its purposes. 

It Takes a Little Time, But It Pretty Much Always Works! 

What should provide you with some comfort is that when peroxide face wash is used in the right way for your skin, it pretty much always works. Its ability to break the cycle ensures that the conditions don’t exist on your skin for pimples to keep forming. 

It’s not a big deal if you forgot to use it for a day, so long as you don’t keep missing days. Moreover, if you’re experiencing mild to severe side effects, stop using it and perhaps talk to your dermatologist. 

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