Cresta Raises $50M to Boost AI to Track Customer Service Agents with Real Time Updates

Cresta Raises $50M to Boost AI to Track Customer Service Agents with Real Time Updates

Cresta, which is one of the most famous AI-powered platform that provides real-time time support to help customer care agents in a creative manner, has raised a funding of $50M. It was a Series B round funding aiming to boost up the AI system. This does play a major role in making impact in the base of growth they have and how they want to use it for keep on growing. The latest investment round was led by Sequoia Capital. It also saw the participation from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company, and Porsche Ventures. It does show the amount of growth Cresta has made despite there are many other names in the market who have shown a great growth in recent times.

Cresta funding has been backed byseries to boost capital and have a command or sawers to have ability to beat venture, who does try get ahead of them. This is indeed what makes them a cut above the rest in many different ways.

The funding comes after they manage to make their revenues increase by four times. It does indeed tell the amount work Cresta as done to become one of the best names in the world. As BPO and customer care is still need of the hour, it has made the reach of Cresta at a creative level. The AI platform of the company helps them to give real-time updates to the customer care agents that do make an impact to give them data they need to satisfy the customer for getting questions solved or generating leads to boost the business. Cresta 50m funding is backed by Sequoia, who does seem them as a market leader in the coming years.

AI is leading the world and it has made 50m series of capital  as a way or sawers to become a great venture that can beat others if manages to work utterly well.

It can be seen as a great complement for a startup. Contact centers have become a base for AI-powered companies who are always looking to make an impact and satisfy a person every time. Series led by Capital do can be seen as a boost or sawers to make this venture ready to beat others who do want to do similar things in the market. This is what indeed makes them special as industry sees them with great reputation. For any startup, it can be a dream come true situation as they always want to get the branding of goodwill as it does help to scale a company.

AI series is backed by Sequoia Capital who are happy or sawers with the venture and its abaility to beat others in a creative manner. Uniphore has also raised $140. It has made the race to go on the top even better as the competition is very high and one mistake can cost a lot to Cresta and its goals. As they do share the same idea and vision, it does become a very hard task for them to make an impact and keep on growing. Despite the very fact, having investors wanting to make a tie-up with them do speak a lot.

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