Buckwheat Pillow: Why the buzz?

Buckwheat Pillow: Why the buzz?

Ever wondered why almost everyone is talking about buckwheat Pillow? Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, “What’s the big deal about this pillow?” Not to worry because this article will show you what makes it special.

First of all, let’s know the history behind it:

Buckwheat is cultivated in the Asian country. Buckwheat serves as a staple for animals and man. It grows in a casing which protects the seed as it germinates. This casing is referred to as the husk.

Even though this husk has no nutritional benefits, it has been put into other use. One of which is serving as fillings for mattresses and pillows.

What makes buckwheat stand out?

There are different fillings for different pillows. However, buckwheat is the big deal. Here is why:

1. Excellent sleep product

If you want an undisturbed sleep throughout the night, a buckwheat pillow is the answer. It allows correct posture and ensures proper alignment of the spine and bones. It contours well to body shape, hence making your body well relaxed.

2. Supports the muscle

If you have been complaining about back pain or neck pain, a good pillow is the solution. Buckwheat pillow supports your muscles, hence alleviating any pain in the process.

3. You snore less

You snore as a result of incorrect positioning on the bed, thereby hindering normal flow of air in your lungs. Buckwheat pillow can help with that. With it, you won’t be disturbing your bed partner with your snores.

There are many other benefits which are not mentioned here. Buckwheat pillow is an excellent bedding material.

Cleaning your buckwheat pillow

Knowing how to clean buckwheat pillow is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is pay extra attention to the hulls in the pillow. Here are some steps that can guide you:

1. Transfer the hulls in your buckwheat pillow into a dry grocery bag and keep in a safe place, free from moisture.

2. Then, put your pillow cover in the washer and choose a slow cycle.

3. Avoid using any harsh agent like bleach on your pillow case to avoid damaging it.

4. After washing, clean the material with cold water and air dry it. Ensure it is completely dry before you bring it in. Moisture destroys the hulls and attracts molds.

If you don’t have a washer, you can handwash. Squeeze the fabric gently so that it does not clump.

And voila, that is how to clean buckwheat pillow.

What about the buckwheat?

The hulls and moisture are enemies, so it’s best you avoid their contact with moisture. However, in case moisture gets to them accidentally, this is what you can do:

1. Place the hulls in a large clean container.

2. Place the hulls close to a window and stir them occasionally, ensuring uniform distribution of sunlight.

3. When dry, return them into the pillow case.

Wrapping up

A buckwheat pillow has many benefits that you cannot afford not to have one in your bedroom. Now that you know how to clean buckwheat pillow, when next you go shopping, ensure you get one.

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