Why Indian Brands Are WhatsApp Users?

Why Indian Brands Are WhatsApp Users?

WhatsApp started as a social media app that is there to text a person or a group with just the power of data. As the tech world grew, it brought audio and video ways of conversation and made communication a comfortable process. Hence, it has become a top application. As people do fear from Chinese applications, people around the world do feel the fact that one needs to stay with WhatsApp. As it has become the biggest app around the world, it is very hard to get rid of it despite one wants as it does solve many problems. Indian WhatsApp users from Singh to ram in a techcrunch manner. For Meta, it has become a great tool to make money and create an impact in the very best way.

This is what makes an impact in the very best way. However, now this free app has become a huge market to sell. As there are many groups and personally friends and others texting, it has made the job of a person very hard as deep in the night at 2.30 am, one can see text coming and breaking the sleep cycle on regular basis. It does help people in many situations. However, a person needs to make the impact in the very best way and try to balance things, which for humans nowadays is very hard as they not get the path to the ultimate creation. India Whatsapp Eusinghtechcrunch.

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This is why WhatsApp has become a such a paradox to follow. Despite it does help people to connect with the brand they want, the business side of the WhatsApp has become very hard to tackle. As it has become addiction, it is hard to see Meta losing. However, many unauthorised brands do send WhatsApp texts to users and it make the job very hard. Many third-party credit card companies do send the texts to the app user and make them feel that it very bad. For example, if HDFC wants to grow its credit card users, then they should send the text from the official ID, not using personals numbers to do the same. It is not HDFC doing it, but the partner brands who is giving them the tool to make new users of credit card. Hence, it does become crucial for the people to understand that what is selling credit card in true or using the data to loot the people, which happens from many cities in India, where cyber crime does kill many people around the world. Whatsapp Whatsappsinghtechcrunch.

This is what makes the job of Indian Brands very hard as they do want to make the communication with the customers in a better way. Like Bajaj does give many people loan for buying some expensive things on EMI, it does make them needed for users. But many fraud calls and texts on WhatsApp does lead things to a very hard level. It is not the problem of Meta as they do not give the data, but some third parties. However, the platform is of Meta. This is why people do ask questions from them. Sources India Facebook Whatsapp.

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