Top 7 High-Paying MBA Equivalent Degrees

Top 7 High-Paying MBA Equivalent Degrees

An MBA can broaden the horizons of liberal arts and engineering professionals, leading to enhanced job opportunities. An MBA would help them advance in their careers by acquiring a deeper understanding of how businesses operate. 

However, the cost of a graduate business degree can get exorbitant depending on factors such as the school you choose, the scholarships and grants you qualify for, and the program length. The typical duration for a full-time MBA is two years, during which it is impossible to work full-time. Due to financial and time constraints, some working professionals want to pursue MBA equivalent degrees. 

MBA Equivalent Degrees

Employers seek workers who can contribute to the company in meaningful ways, such as working swiftly and accurately, offering fresh perspectives, and leading a team focused on achieving the same common objective. Let’s look at several MBA equivalent degrees to help you gain these sought-after abilities. 

  • Master in Risk Management

A Master in Risk Management is an MBA equivalent degree that will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in this domain. It will introduce you to the theory and practice of risk management in a broader context than most other courses. The curriculum is designed to teach students how to assess the impact of major risks in business. Gaining this knowledge will equip students with an in-depth understanding of companies’ daily operational and financial dangers. 

  • Master in Management Studies (MMS)

Master’s in Management Studies is a two-year program that can open many doors for students. The program is divided into four semesters and features classroom instruction, hands-on projects, and internships in the field. The Master of Management Studies (MMS) program is designed to train students in advanced management techniques and expand their working knowledge of the established business. A Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies or a closely related field is required for admission to the MMS program. The coursework for a Master of Management is meant to help students improve their analytical and personal skills to lead a range of management positions. 

  • Master of Financial Management (MFM)

Earning an MFM degree prepares students for professional success by giving them a solid foundation in accounting and financial management theory and practice. It trains the students to adapt and apply advanced financial concepts while independently processing and interpreting financial problems. The Master of Financial Management (MFM) is a two-year master’s degree program best suited for those with prior experience in finance, risk management, or a certified project management program. Candidates should have an enthusiasm for finance and related fields. They should also be analytical thinkers with a firm grasp of technology. Earning an MFM degree helps create employment opportunities in high-paying disciplines such as stock brokerage, investment management, and financial analysis.

  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (Retail Management)

This degree is a two-year graduate program in the field of advertising. With this program, students will learn the new tenets and practices of retail management. A graduate degree from a recognized institution is required for admission to the Master of Business Administration in Retail Management program. BAMD in Retail management helps integrate general management concepts with the principles of retail management. Moreover, it helps understand the governance in the retail sector. 

  • Master of Marketing Management (MMM)

This MBA equivalent degree is one of the highest-paying management programs in India. It prepares students for the challenges of today’s global and competitive environment. This program helps students understand the needs of the ever-changing market and the demands of the target audience. Based on their experience and interests, students can select from various specialized paths provided by the curriculum. Candidates would learn about cutting-edge marketing practices and be guided through the steps of developing, launching, and advancing innovative marketing initiatives. In addition, they are taught to keep up with the latest technological developments, develop strategies for client retention and satisfaction, and provide training on brand management. 

  • PGDM in International Business

Courses like Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in International Business help students develop deep expertise in international business and related fields. This is one of the best-paying management programs in India, and it’s designed so that graduate students can grasp the fundamentals of international business. In addition to the more theoretical aspects of the course, students will understand how international commerce is conducted and how to conduct themselves in transactions with international clients.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The PGDM is a 2-year postgraduate program that provides in-depth training in digital marketing, data analytics, international communication, and risk analysis. An MBA equivalent degree is lucrative and will help you progress in your career. A PGDM curriculum is designed around marketing, banking, business, human resources, and many more. This management course is popular among working professionals and students because it equips participants with the tools they need to overcome common challenges in their chosen fields and prepare themselves for the changing dynamics of the industry. With PGDM, you will learn as much as you would in a business school. For instance, you will read about topics like types of grapevine communication or the types of memorandum


An MBA is a specialized degree that can help you unlock your potential. An MBA requires a significant investment of time and money. Many students might not be in a position to provide the same for an MBA degree from a reputed business school. However, there are many MBA equivalent degrees that one can pursue. These degrees provide the necessary expertise in parallel to the MBA pursuing graduates. Furthermore, such alternate degrees help professionals become top players in the global business management industry