What Are The Perks Of Teaching English Abroad As A Career?

What Are The Perks Of Teaching English Abroad As A Career?

Teaching English overseas is considered an excellent choice of career. It provides you with more cross-cultural environments to learn and teach in and helps you financially to pay back student loans if you are a gap year student. It is considered an inexpensive option as you only need to be a native level speaker of English to get the certification. Certifications like the TEFL course provide you with the necessary skills to have an international career in teaching English. Many countries, especially east Asian countries like Japan and China, are often looking for teachers for the same. With over a billion people trying to learn English, this profession has proven beneficial in restarting careers and as a way to explore the world professionally.

Your English teaching experience can help you achieve your specific goals and objectives, which makes it more meaningful and provides you something to look forward to every day, which your 9-5 jobs may not be able to offer. There are numerous reasons why one should consider taking this opportunity; here are some of them:

Widespread Exposure: Teaching English overseas provides a cross-cultural environment to learn, live and explore. If you’re someone who loves to travel and learn about different communities, this career option is something you can look into. Working with people from different backgrounds, learning to be culturally sensitive, growing, and seeing the world in different ways are some benefits of this job opportunity.

Enhances your resume: With international work experience on your resume, the chances of you securing a job in this challenging market increase significantly. Whether you’re applying for graduate programs or multinational companies, your experience will be noticed and carry some weight while making the final decision. English teaching experience gained from other countries provides the employers with this ‘real world experience’ that they often look for in their potential employees.

Create A Meaningful Impact: If you’ve studied previously, you will understand how a teacher impacts someone’s life. And if you’ve had a good teacher, you’re bound to know that the impact has yielded positive results. Being culturally sensitive helps you understand how learning English can bring different job opportunities to people from foreign countries that are not as developed as your country and how much it means to them. This provides the students with a wide range of career options that otherwise would not have been possible. It is better to understand that teaching English will not be restricted to urban areas of the country you wish to teach. Various companies offer jobs to teach students coming from rural areas.

Final Thoughts

English teaching as a career has to be one of the newest ways to achieve your goals without the burden of waiting for a weekend to enjoy your life. But how do you do it? You don’t need any elaborate degree in English, education, or any other field. All you need to get is a certificate that is recognized worldwide. The TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is helpful for countries where English is not the primary language. Then there is the TESL course (Teaching English as a Second Language) which is beneficial for English- speaking countries whose first language is something other than English. These courses are recognized internationally and help you gain long-term career prospects.

Considering all these perks, when are you getting started?