Top 6 World of Warcraft: Classic Dungeons You Need to Visit

Top 6 World of Warcraft: Classic Dungeons You Need to Visit

One of the most exciting things about this video game is the dungeons, which others also call instances. Players put them in for a variety of reasons. Some players visit them to get as much experience as possible in the shortest possible time. Other players visit them to complete various tasks, and quests, search for unique items, and much more.

This is a favorite pastime for those who have a gathered group of companions that are pleasant and rewarding to play with. For other players, this is not a particularly favorite pastime, as they have to spend a lot of time searching for capable players for the group or choose automatic team search.

However, each dungeon is unique. In general, they are not similar to each other. Therefore, players around the world have different impressions of them. Some are easy and others are difficult. It all depends on what level of difficulty you choose. If you want to choose Mythic, then you can use the WoW Mythic boost in case of any difficulties. You will not only get a fast completion, but also some valuable bonuses.

We want to share with you the most interesting places that you can visit in WoW: Classic.

The Violet Hold

This instance is the subject of controversy among many players around the world. This is not a dungeon in the classic sense of the word. Speaking of the dungeon, we imagine a huge space with many different rooms and areas where our enemies and many adventures are waiting for us.

However, in this case, we are talking about one large room where there is no surprise effect. Therefore, for many, this dungeon is a disappointment.

However, other players love this instance as it is simple. Instead of running around for hours in a huge space where enemies just want to kill you, you can quickly complete this location. In this way, you will quickly gain experience and collect valuable items.

Sunken Temple

Those who are not looking for easy ways will like this instance. It is like a huge puzzle that you will enjoy solving with your team of reliable partners.

However, it is worth noting that this place is iconic for veterans of the game. It is filled with the history of the game, so if you are not a beginner, then here you can find many references to the historical storyline of the game.

Here you will find many tasks. Therefore, this instance is suitable for those who know the game and have patience. In the end, you will be richly rewarded.


For many, this place becomes a fresh breath of air after the dull and gray landscapes. The view here is amazing with a huge amount of greenery and other bright colors.

This instance is especially valuable for most players, especially for those who are looking to quickly improve their character level. By going here, you can easily increase your level by 10 points. In addition to a lot of experience, here you can also gain valuable knowledge that will allow you to quickly move through the game.

Scarlet Monastery

Many players go out of their way to avoid dungeons for various reasons. They are long and complex. Instead, users prefer to focus on other tasks. However, this dungeon deserves your attention.

It is a separate adventure within the game. Here you will find 4 instances. Each of them has a certain level of difficulty. In addition, you will plunge into various topics, and you will also have to overcome four strong bosses. Not all instances are equally complex. Some you will pass easily, while in others you will have to make every effort.

Blackrock Depths

If you love intricate quests and crave a challenge, then this dungeon is a must-try. Its first benefit is that you will eventually be able to level up your character by fifteen points.

In addition, here you will find a huge variety of everything. First of all, this applies to various tasks and quests that are not similar to each other. This place craves to be explored, so it is waiting for every curious player who is not afraid of challenges.


Here, navigation is quite easy, as the dungeon is one large space. You will find what is left of the trolls, where they used to live, and also get acquainted with the history of the entire location.

The biggest advantage is that you will find many useful quests here. One of them will end with you getting a great reward. You will receive a bonus that will help you increase the speed of your mount. Thus, you can quickly move between locations.


All the dungeons found in WoW: Classic are not similar to each other. Each of them is a unique place that can offer you many rewards. Not all of them are easy. Some of them will be challenging for you. However, this is a great way to expand your knowledge base and gain a lot of experience, as well as many valuable rewards.