The most in-demand professions in 2023

The most in-demand professions in 2023

In our new article, we decided to figure out which professions will be in trend in the coming 2023, as well as which specialties will retain their popularity, which ones will lose it, and which new professions may be about to become relevant.

What professions are no longer relevant in 2023

All over the world, service professions lose their relevance every year. Gradually, cashiers in supermarkets and fast food cafes are being replaced by self-service checkouts and terminals. On the 20th of December 2022, the first McDonald’s was opened in Texas, where visitors serve themselves completely.


Also, over the past year, several neural networks have appeared that managed to create very unusual and high-quality images, as well as unique texts.


Below we examined the professions that will be in demand in 2023 among men and women. Among them there are both offline and remote specialties.


Web Designer

A web designer is a specialist who can work both online (most often) and in person. This profession is at the intersection of two areas: IT and design. As in 2022, so in 2023 this profession will be relevant.



For many years now, the situation in the world has been extremely unstable, which is why the work of a psychologist has become especially appreciated. We recommend that you study for this very necessary and at the same time responsible profession at a university, and if you have already received higher education in this area, then you can consider advanced training courses for yourself that will make you a more relevant and competitive specialist.


Full stack developer

This is a universal IT-specialist, without which not a single site can do. The profession will remain popular for the next 10 years, so you still have time to master it.


Data scientist

Today we live in a time where information and specialists who know how to work with it are especially valued. One of these specialists is called a data scientist. This profession is and will be relevant for a long time also because it is very versatile. So, a data scientist can be an analyst, system administrator, project manager, etc.



The logistics profession has gained its special relevance in recent years due to the growth of sales in e-commerce. In 2023, such sales are expected to continue to grow, which means that the specialty of logistics will only strengthen its relevance.


System Administrator

The profession of a system administrator also belongs to IT professions, so it will not lose its popularity soon. So, you can start training right now, and a sysadmin career by the end of 2023. 


Data analyst

IT professions are not just for men. So, among data analysts, one of the most relevant professions in the IT field in recent times, it is women who are more common, and it can take less than a year to master this specialty. This profession is applicable in many areas, such as entertainment. Good specialists are in demand in betting companies and online platforms such as live sports betting.


Graphic Designer

The profession of a graphic designer is not only creative and interesting, but also very relevant, especially today, when people create their own business, work on a brand and identity. It is a graphic designer who makes people’s business recognizable and attractive. Next year you can try yourself as a graphic designer!



The profession of a journalist is very relevant today, when, due to the large amount of information, it is difficult for a person to distinguish the truth from a fake. Maybe this job is right for you!


The most demanded professions in 2023 remotely

The most in-demand remote professions are still IT specialties, as well as professionals from the field of design and marketing, for example:


  • Java developer. Java is one of the oldest programming languages, but it is still very popular, and there are a wide variety of courses on the educational market where you can master this specialty in a short time.


  • UI/UX designer. This is a specialist who works at the intersection of design and IT. His area of responsibility includes the development of a user-friendly interface.


  • SEO specialist. This specialist is welcomed in the field of marketing, promotes services to the top and does this, as a rule, remotely.


What profession to choose – help with self-determination

Choosing a profession is an extremely crucial moment, especially if you have just graduated from school and your first serious training is ahead of you. So, if you strongly doubt that this or that profession will suit you, then the following can help you in choosing:


Free career guidance tests. You can find dozens of such tests on the Internet. We recommend that you go through several and pay special attention to those professions that have fallen to you several times. So your result will be more objective. 

A session with a psychologist. So, you can formulate your request in advance and find a specialist who is profiled in the details of the profession. Of course, this will require more money and time, but it will be more efficient.