Make Travel Videos of Your Vacation Trip: A Comprehensive Guide

Make Travel Videos of Your Vacation Trip: A Comprehensive Guide

Beaches or mountains, no matter what your favorite destination is, there is one more thing that is common to all vacations besides the break from the monotony that it offers. Everyone deserves a break from their routine. Traveling to an exotic location with family and friends brings in that much-needed respite from hectic schedules and helps us relax and unwind. No wonder everyone longs eagerly for a vacation. 

Yes, we are talking about the beautiful pictures, videos, and memorabilia you bring back from the trip. Capturing every trip moment in the form of images and viewing them helps you revisit the holiday and celebrate the wonderful times you had. 

Besides that, you would want to share the memories on social media for your friends, family, and followers to see too. But how can you make it enjoyable and bring to life the magic of the beautiful places you explore? The answer is simple – create travel videos of your vacation and preserve the memories forever. 

But does that mean you should solely travel to shoot videos and click photos? Will it be a vacation if you are constantly thinking about how something would look on Instagram and how you should sit, stand, and walk to make sure it looks great on video? No! Instead, it would help if you focused on capturing the moments from your vacation so that it’s beautiful while not ruining your vacation. If you are confused about how to strike the perfect balance, do not worry, help is here.

This blog will walk you through the process of creating spectacular travel videos like a professional travel blogger. Read on to find out how!

Learn from the Experts

Before you head out for your vacation, spend some time planning how you will shoot your videos. You can start by looking at the videos posted by various travel bloggers on their Youtube and Instagram handles. 

Popular hashtags like #Travelgram, #Instatravel, #TravelBlogger, etc., will help you find popular posts, videos, and vlogs on travel. You can use these to find inspiration on how to shoot a travel video of your vacation besides helping you find interesting places to explore. 

While you watch travel vloggers and travel videos of places you are about to visit, remember not to recreate the video. This means you will have to shoot a video that reflects your experience of the place and your vacation. It should not be a blatant recreation or a copy of what another influencer or travel vlogger has already done. Keeping your videos with a few unique elements will help you build an audience and create interest in the content you create. 

Create a Video Plan

Once you have a list of places to visit, food to try, and ways to travel ready for your trip, start working out a video shoot plan. Understand the weather, explore the possibilities of shooting video, and see which time of the day is ideal for capturing the place at its best. You should also enquire beforehand if the place is tourist friendly and allows videography.

Besides these, also make sure to plan your shots. While it helps to shoot on the go and give your video shape while you edit, it might not always work. Instead, it would help if you make mental notes (or write down) the opening shot of your video, the aspects you wish to cover, the closing shot, the angle to shoot from, etc. 

Preparing a script or storyboard for the travel videos might seem unusual because many things might not happen as you planned, but having a blueprint for your video will give you a sense of direction while you are on the field. In other words, you might not be able to capture exactly as you visualized, but you can be sure that you will not miss critical elements from your vacation in your travel video. 

Focus on the Place, Not the Equipment

The temptation to shoot a professional video might make you want to carry your entire video shooting gear. However, you might not need it all. You might need a tripod to ensure you get a stable video, but the list of professional equipment you need to shoot a great travel video ends there. 

You can create spectacular videos even with your phone. The key to enjoying a vacation is to travel light. When you have your entire camera gear, you might be lost in switching lenses, placing the tripod, and lighting perfectly, so you might miss the moment. 

So, focus on enjoying your vacation while capturing the most of it on your phone. To create variety in your video, you could make it a mix of timelapse, slow motion, and a few images as well. 

Capture everything you can, and figure out how they fit into your video while you edit. But do this only after you have shot every element of your vacation that you had planned for before venturing on the trip. Remember, the extra footage is a backup, so do not miss out on your planned shots while shooting the additional videos.

Edit Properly

Every video needs some level of editing to make it look professional. This could be adding some music using a video editor app or applying filters, or just pasting multiple parts of the video together to tell a story. You might find it overwhelming and want to call a professional to help you with the videos. But most online video editing apps let you do this seamlessly without much training. All you need are the following:

  • A laptop
  • A working internet connection
  • A clear idea of what you want your video output to look like

Most video editing tools come with preset templates. You can seamlessly add music, transition, and text to your videos without a sweat. Some also let you create a teaser or snippet to post on social media before sharing the video. 

Do not worry if you are unsure how to proceed with the video editing process even after using the preset templates. Or if you are not sure which tool to use. A lot of travel vloggers post videos of them editing their travel videos. You could use that for inspiration. Besides that, most tools also have a tutorial that would come in handy while editing your video.

Add Good Music

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the voice of the locals chatting away in a market, and the chipper of birds during sunrise are all priceless. So, make sure to capture them in your video and not mask them in your final video. However, please limit natural audio to a minimum. 

For the rest of the video, carefully pick songs and music that sync with your video and vacation theme. It would make it more appealing to the audience and engage them from start to finish. 


Everyone loves to travel, but only a few can eternalize it with the perfect pictures and videos. We hope this blog helps you capture those perfect travel videos from your vacation. If you found this article helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends and loved ones. Happy Traveling!