Copper Nails: Pictures, Creative, Looks, Ideas

Copper Nails: Pictures, Creative, Looks, Ideas

When it comes to doing the nail design on their nails, then nowadays women love the look of metallic design on their nails. Although some women love to do gold and silver, but the copper colour is also one of the great metallic colours that makes the nails look beautiful and amazing. Copper shade has a little more colour than gold and silver shade, and most of the style of copper nail has a little bit of a glitter and sparkle look to it. When it comes to the metallic colour then which shade do you all prefer among all the colours?

To make your confusion easier I have gathered some super cool ideas for you all to give your nail a Copper look design and you find them that they are really cool because they definitely have variety of colour other than the plain gold and plain silver shade. Okay, so enough of rambling though because I want you all to see these great copper shade nail design because they really show all the pretty and cool ways to paint the nail to look like shiny copper gold. So, are you all ready to check out these amazing copper nail shade…… if so, then you can go ahead and scroll down for some amazing copper nail ideas:

Copper Glitter Nails With Some Silver Dots: Copper Nails

Copper Nails
A classical look

It is one of the amazing ideas to apply copper glitter nail paint with some silver dots styling. These copper nails are going to look so cool because they are copper with the glitter and sparkle, which totally makes them appear so shiny, but the silver dots are also added in, which makes them stand out among all.

Copper Nails With The Bronze Tip Design: Copper Nails

When you combined these two sets of copper and bronze on nail then it will really look amazing. These copper nail has bronze tips design, which enhance the nail beauty more and make them look really cool, colourful, and unique.

Plain Nail With The Copper Colour Tips: Copper Nails

These nails colour design is going to look really sober and subtle. The Nail pattern are a little plain, but they have copper tips, which makes them appear very shiny, and all eyes will be drawn right to the tips of those nails.

Copper And Black Nails With Swirls And Heart Designs: Copper Nails

When we combined copper and black nail with swirls and heart design then no doubt it will be surely going to look amazing because the nail pattern is mixed in with a black nail, but they also have some cool decoration that makes the unique.

Plain With Blue And Copper Glitter Nails Tips:

When you combined these two shade that is copper and blue on the nail upper tips with some glittery design, then these two colours look greats because the two shade is very much complement each other.

Half White And Half Copper With Dots:

Now these half white and half copper shade look cool and unique. In this you have half white but also have half of them painted copper over it, and they also have little copper dots too on them.

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