5 Mobile Massage Equipment Essentials

5 Mobile Massage Equipment Essentials

More and more people are going mobile for their services. The comfort of having your hair cut or your back massaged within your own home is far better suited to those with a busy lifestyle.

So today, we have put together an extensive massage therapist equipment list, featuring the top 6 items every mobile masseuse should have.

So relax and unwind with our helpful massage equipment guide. 

  1. Personal Protective Equipment

The Covid-19 pandemic was instrumental in giving us a wake-up call about hygiene. We learnt that a lot of our day-to-day activities are a lot less clean than we think. 

It was a massage therapist’s nightmare as their entire job involves touching people, thereby potentially spreading bacteria. As a result of this, a lot of massage therapists were left out of work, or with very limited amounts. 

Since this, massage therapists have upgraded their equipment to meet higher standards of personal hygiene. In your kit, you should always have the following hygiene essentials:

This small but effective cleaning kit will keep your massage table hygienic, and ready for the next client.

  1. Portable Massage Table 

This is perhaps the most obvious piece of massage equipment that every mobile massage therapist needs. However, investing in a good quality table is certainly not obvious to some. 

Whilst you will be able to find cheap massage tables easily, they simply will not suffice compared to a quality one. 

You will be using this with every single client you have, so you will need it to be sturdy. Given the variation in heights, weights and ages, you’re going to need a sturdy massage table that will work for every body type. 

You know what they say, buy cheap, buy twice (or in this case 40 times)

  1. The Right Linens 

Massage table linens are key in ensuring the comfort of your client; so they should be invested in accordingly. Buying sheets that come with a flat sheet and fitted sheet is the best way to go. Some therapists even go for a fleece pad underneath their table linen to help cushion the table even more so.

When you shop for linens you want to be looking for the following things:

  • Softness 
  • Comfort
  • Easily washable

Find all these in your massage linens, and you’re on your way to having all the best in massage equipment.

  1. Bolsters

As a massage therapist, you will encounter all sorts of body types. This is is why it is best to be prepared and to have bolsters in your kit ready to go. 

Bolsters are some of the best back massage equipment money can buy. They can be used to elevate and provide comfort to clients’ legs, ankles, knees and any other speciality areas. These are especially important to use for pregnant women as bolsters are specially designed to suit the pregnant body. For more updates, visit:

They are typically firm, but soft enough to remain comfortable.

  1. Lubricants That Work For You

Every masseuse has its preference when it comes to massage lubricants. Some like massage oils and others like lotions.

However, oils are usually regarded to be the best lubricant for massaging as they offer more glide for the back. Often you can get oils with organic and natural ingredients, which will be better for the skin and the maintenance of your linens.

But, with this in mind, it is important to consider every client and their needs. So, I recommend you keep a couple of lubricants in your kit, a plain one and one of your choice. This way those with allergies will not miss out on your top massaging skills. 

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