5 mental health stories from boxing world to lift spirit

5 mental health stories from boxing world to lift spirit

The way this brick-and-mortar world becoming stable but different, the level of competition is increasing. In a way, it is creating a hostile environment too (Mental Health). Now top people know what a section of people thinks about them due to social media. According to our situations and personalities, they do tackle the situations. However, sometimes people do cross the line. It is indeed not good sanitation for anyone. As you can write anything on social media, it has become a very toxic place for many. And the worse or best part is that money can’t control it. Hence, let us take a look at the 5 Mental Health stories to lift the spirit.     

5 Mental Health: Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald was at the top of the world when he beat Ted Cheeseman in a 12-round boxing contest on 19 October 2019. It looked as he can become a world champion. However, COVID-19 and other family battles made it look that he ended his career at the age of 27. However, he made a comeback on 1 May 2021 and presented motivation to others. 

Mental Health: Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia was calling every big name in boxing after beating Luke Campbell at the start of 2021. It indeed made him feel just fantastic. He was due to fight another top boxer – but then he said on social media on April 2021 that he needs a break. It is a win in a way because he is following a classical path. 

3 Shannon Courtenay 

Shannon Courtenay is now the WBA bantamweight champion. She was facing major mental battles in her early 20s. She took boxing to become fitter. In just seven years, she became the world champion. 

2 Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs has beaten cancer and made a classical come back as a boxer. What more can say about this legend. 

1 Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is the leading example. One needs to see a one-hour documentary made by BT Sport for seeing these great stories as words can’t picture it perfectly. 

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