Why Use a Free Keyword Research Tool to Boost Your SEO?

Why Use a Free Keyword Research Tool to Boost Your SEO?

Whether running an online store or a blog, you need to know which keywords to target. Without keyword research tools, throwing darts in the dark would be like throwing darts.

Plenty of free tools can help you do the job right. Here are some of the best:


Whether you’re writing content for your blog or publishing a new piece of content for your website, using a free keyword research tool can help boost your SEO and increase traffic to your website.

A good keyword research tool will help you find keyword phrases that are popular and relevant to your target audience. It will also show you how much competition those keywords have.

Once you’ve identified your best keywords, you can start optimizing the content on your site to rank for those search terms. This will help increase the amount of organic traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

A free keyword research tool like what you can use at Vazoola is an invaluable resource for any content team. It can help them generate keyword ideas, reveal how many people actively use a search term, identify trends, and show them how much competition they face to rank for a specific phrase.

Whether creating new content for your website or writing for an existing blog, it is important to perform regular keyword research to ensure your content is relevant to your target audience.

To improve your content strategy, you should regularly analyze the keywords bringing organic traffic to your website or blog. Ultimately, this analysis will give you the insight to create content that matches your audience’s needs.

Content Creation

Creating SEO-friendly content can boost your website’s rankings and drive more traffic. Whether you’re writing a blog, producing an infographic, or posting on social media, consistent, quality content is an important part of your SEO strategy.

A good keyword research tool will help you find keywords relevant to your business that your target audience will likely search for. This helps you focus your efforts on terms with the highest potential to bring in the most traffic.

A free keyword research tool is a great way to start your SEO strategy. It can help you develop more-informative content that will attract your target audience and increase your engagement, rankings, and overall authority.

Link Building

If you have yet to use a free keyword research tool, you are missing out on a crucial component in your SEO strategy. These tools can help you discover the keywords to target your content and blog posts.

A keyword research tool can also help you conduct competitor analysis. It gives you side-by-side comparisons of your keywords with the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

The tool is also a great way to see what your competitors are doing with their SEO and how you can improve yours.

Link building is a form of off-page SEO involving hyperlinks on other websites to link back to your site or blog. This helps to increase the number of votes Google gives to your website.

The key to effective link building is to build relevant links that benefit your business or brand. Avoid shortcuts like buying links that can negatively affect your site’s ranking.


Finding the right keywords to target is important if you want to boost your SEO. But you don’t want to waste time targeting low-search volume, highly competitive keywords irrelevant to your business. Instead, focus on the search terms likely to convert and grow your business.


While SEO can drive traffic, it’s more important that your website can convert visitors into customers. You must use keywords relevant to your business and target them in your blog posts.

A good keyword research tool will help you identify the right terms to target so that your SEO efforts can be effective. These tools will also provide you with a lot of information about the keywords you are targeting, including their search volume, competition levels, and estimated organic traffic.

Using a free keyword research tool can help you find the best keywords to use in your content & guide you in optimizing your blog posts for search engines. These tools can be especially useful if you’re a beginner at SEO.