Ways to Make Your House Homely.

Ways to Make Your House Homely.

It takes a lot to make a house homely. We see our homes as a safe space for ourselves, where we can be free to express our interior design styles, cook our favorite foods and socialize with our loved ones in a comfortable space. When it comes to making your house a home, the definition of ‘home’ is entirely dependent on what makes you comfortable. However, there are a few staple tips that everybody can follow as a way to make their house homely. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips:

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Think About Furniture Layout:

When it comes to making your house homely, there’s perhaps less of an emphasis placed on what furniture you have in your house, but how you place it. Furniture layout has the ability to make a huge difference in terms of how your house feels to other people. By simply moving a couch, bed, table or dresser, you can shapeshift the way your house looks- and instantly provide a homely and warm atmosphere.

If you are considering moving your furniture around in an attempt to make your home or in apartments for rent in columbus oh more homely, then why not engage in Feng Shui? This method derives from an ancient Chinese poem, which discusses the notion of human life being connected to its surroundings and how we can flow with the environment around us. The words “Feng” and “Shui” respectively translate to “wind” and “water”, and the practice focuses on rearranging the layout of your furniture to create balance and harness energy forces that will establish harmony between yourself and the environment in which you live.

Incorporate Neutral Tones:

Although a little color in your home goes a long way in terms of adding vibrancy to the home and ensuring that your house looks bright. However, by using a neutral color scheme, your home can look warm, inviting, and stylish for much longer. Neutral tones allow your home to appear more homely, as they provide a comforting vibe- and when natural light reflects off your neutrally painted walls, there is an ethereal atmosphere to your home. For more on junk removal and hauling services, Visit:

Add Rugs:

Adding rugs to your home will instantly make your home feel warmer and cozy. Especially in the wintertime, when our houses tend to be colder and less inviting, a rug can really bring a homely feel to your property. However, it’s important to make sure that it’s a fitted rug that fits the space correctly, as you don’t want the space to look unfinished.


Lighting is a massively important factor when it comes to the atmosphere in your home. If you don’t want to update the light fixtures, then changing the bulbs can at least make the room feel cozy. A soft, warm glow can create an inviting ambiance to the space, while also providing adequate lighting.

Freshen Up on Your Linens:

Most homeowners are guilty of using the same bedding and throws for years on ends- thinking “as long as it gets washed, it’s fine, right?”. Unfortunately, this is very wrong. Most of the time, even our best bedding can begin to look worn out and worse for wear. Upgrading your linens is a great way to instantly freshen your home and make it seem cozier. Putting some fresh, fluffy throws in the lounge area, and soft, new bedding can go a long way to making the space a lot more homely.

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