Quick guide to choose Bathroom Lighting

Quick guide to choose Bathroom Lighting

A fresh beginning of the day starts from your bathroom. Ever wondered how dull would you feel if you step into a poorly lit bathroom? Hence, it is important to infuse a comfortable and well illuminated atmosphere in your bathroom with bathroom lights and vanity lights.

EGLO houses a wide range of vanity lights and bathroom lights that offers soft accent in your space. Edgy and beautiful in its appeal, their lights are resistant to changing temperature and don’t lose their charm even in intense humidity.

In this blog, we are going to give you a quick guide to choose bathroom lighting for your space.

Fill the space with ambient light

When you are lighting up your bathroom, ambient lighting sets the first layer of your interior lighting. As the name suggests, ambient light fill up the entire ambiance of a room with light. This type of illumination is used to replace natural light when it is not accessible.

For a well-lit bathroom we recommend to use, an elegant pair of pendant lights or a statement making chandelier. These lighting pieces can take your bathroom interiors to the next level. Recessed lighting can also be used for general illumination purposes. This will be useful if your bathroom has plenty of natural light during the day, but it will still be useful at night or on overcast days.

Complete the tasks with task lighting

Say good bye to gloomy bathroom woes by installing task lighting. It is important to keep the task lighting in your bathroom because when you are applying cosmetics, or shaving, flossing or performing any other task in front of a mirror, task lighting is vitally necessary.

Vanity lights are here to help you in this situation. Bathroom vanity lights are great for illuminating the countertop and sink since they are located above the bathroom vanity or counter. Keep a look out for vanity lights that don’t have enough shade, since they might be too bright for the user’s eyes to bear.

Illuminate the nooks and crannies with wall scones

Wall scones can be seen placed in pairs, one on each side of the mirror, and usually over the bathroom sink or vanity. Sconce lights attach directly to the wall and are placed near to the wall. Some or all of the light is blocked from entering the user’s eyes when he or she looks into the mirror.

Due to its ability to cast a small shadow on the face, wall sconce lights are a great source of lighting. More depth is created with this method than with lights pointing straight at the user.

Sconce lights are more noticeable than other forms of bathroom lighting since they are generally placed at head level or a little bit higher than that.

If you are still wondering from where to buy bathroom lights? Head to the online store of EGLO and browse through a variety of interior lighting for your home.

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