Most Iconic Moments in World Cup History

Most Iconic Moments in World Cup History

The World Cup is the most prestigious sporting event in the world, and it takes place every four years. More than 3.2 billion people tuned in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup, including over a billion individuals who tuned in to see the final.

The competition is known for delivering some of soccer’s most memorable and infamous moments. We’ll reminisce about the highs and lows of the times that all sports lovers and sports betting fans shared over the years.

Whenever we talk about being recalled, fame and notoriety go hand in hand, and these are the greatest World Cup moments of all time. Regardless of whether they were good or bad, these moments will live on in the memories of soccer players and spectators alike.

1. 1978 – Clive Thomas Denies Zico’s goal (Argentina)

Clive Thomas, the Welsh referee, was nicknamed “The Book” by Zico after their first World Cup match against Sweden. Zico headed the ball further into the Swedish net deep into stoppage time with the tally knotted at 1-1.

It was only a millisecond after Zico touched the ball when officiating official Thomas decided that the game had entered injury time. After Ronnie Hellstrom had been beaten, the ball sped towards the net, but it was just a split second too late.

2. 1982 – Harald Schumacher Patrick Battiston knockout (Spain)

Many online betting Singapore fans would agree that this is perhaps one of the most memorable moments in World Cup history. A perfectly timed pass from Michel Platini found Patrick Battiston in the heart of the German defense during the semi-final in Seville, when Germany and France were locked at 1-1.

Harald Schumacher smashed into Battiston as he dashed off his line, despite Battiston’s ball looping over his head. Two teeth were knocked out of the Frenchman’s mouth and he suffered some shattered vertebrae as a result. The referee did not even issue a free-kick despite the player receiving a red card.

3. 1986 – Diego Maradona’s Hand of God (Mexico)

The goal in the quarterfinal face-off between Argentina and England was the most infamous in the history of soccer. Maradona rushed towards England goalkeeper Peter Shilton in the 51st minute.

Because he’s the taller player, everyone expected Shilton to even get to the ball ahead and strike it away. Maradona, on the other hand, was the first to reach the ball and punch it into the England net with a sneaky extending arm.

The goal was allowed, much to the surprise of the England team and the remainder of the planet. Forever, the evident handball was dubbed the “Hand of God”, a term that Singapore pools players have become well-acquainted with since.

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4. 1994 – Andres Escobar’s own goal (US)

Colombia was expected to make it to the latter stages of the competition and even managed to go through the league victorious. That illusion was dashed in Pasadena by a blunder by fullback Andres Escobar, who put the ball in his own net by mistake.

Colombia was kicked from their group after failing to advance. He was reportedly shot 12 times outside a Medellin club 10 days after the game.

5. 2002 – Ronaldinho’s magic free-kick (Japan)

Brazil eliminated England from the 2002 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals with a stunning free-kick from Ronaldinho within the 50th minute. Ronaldinho stunned David Seaman with a stunning drive from 40 yards out that somehow curved its way into the upper left corner of the goal.

Having been caught off his post, Seaman could only observe as the ball sailed over his head and into the goal. Brazil took the lead on Ronaldinho’s free-kick and never looked back. It was around the same time when the best Singapore pools odds were at their peak and very much in demand.

6. 2006- Zinedine Zidane headbutt (Germany)

In his farewell appearance on the world stage, the French great essentially walked away with a boom. After both Materazzi and Zidane scored in the World Cup final, Ladbrokes claims that they were both sent off.

Zidane was sent off when he unnecessarily responded to Materazzi’s taunts with a headbutt. After a stellar international career, the French superstar ended it on a bad note. After a 5-3 shootout victory for the Italians, they have been crowned World Cup champions.

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