LLB Admission 2023: Bachelor of Law Courses BA LLB & BCOM LLB

LLB Admission 2023: Bachelor of Law Courses BA LLB & BCOM LLB

Some professions are timeless and despite any change in the business landscape, they will remain prominent and important. One of them is the sector of law that is among the most popular and well respected professions in the world. Students have always been attracted to this stream because of its image and the stature it has in the society. Stability and a good pay package are often considered a staple part of this career though it is equally important to choose the right college to study law.

If you are keen to enter the field of law then look out for LLB admission and ensure that you meet that the required criteria to opt for a career in law. There are many reasons why you should consider pursuing LLB in 2023.

LLB admission

Law is among the most prominent field when we talk of career options and is globally popular and applicable. As a lawyer, your work choice is not simply limited to courts but you can venture into other different fields which includes corporate or even being a law writer. There are multiple choices available to writers now and you can select one as per your preference and skill set.

If you are looking to take admission in the field of law then here are a few requirements that you need to fill:

  • You have to clear the CLAT/L-SAT with merit to get admission in a reputed college. In this scenario, you won’t be required to sit for any other examination.
  • The other pathway is examination as some colleges have their own aptitude test that you have to clear.
  • Students applying for the exams must have a minimum of 50% in their Higher & Senior Secondary.
  • Along with this, they have to sit for a group discussion and interview.

A career in law

Law is among the most prominent and sought after professions that offer various different career opportunities. Law has various different specializations as well so you can venture into Energy Law, Criminal Law, Corporate law and lot more depending on your preference. Based on that you can pick among various job options such as Legal Services Chief, Legal Advisor, Legal Manager and more.

Along with prominent job roles that are stable, highly respected and financially lucrative, there are other reasons too why law has a distinct pull on students. Firstly, this career is intellectually challenging which means along with studying the designed curriculum, you have to use your analytical skills. If you are able to think critically, you will be able to meet challenges easily, solve cases and help out your clients.

Most importantly, the knowledge that comes with law is powerful. These laws dictate our lives and design the way things are conducted. With an understanding of law which includes our own rights and responsibilities, we are able to lead a better and more empowered life.

Law students are able to bring this knowledge into their everyday life which impacts their decision making power and allows them to navigate many scenarios like being fined, opening your own business and more easily.