Important Facts You Need To Know About Rummy

Important Facts You Need To Know About Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular card games currently, whether you are playing offline or online. It helps you relax and have a good time with your peers. And, if you are playing online, you get a chance to test your skill against leading players from different countries.

The concept of online rummy is new, and it has helped to bring a lot of new players into the game. So, if you are an enthusiast, then being aware of the origin and a few additional details of the game can help you get a better perspective.

The Origin of Rummy

Of the most popular theories to believe, the online rummy games as you know it today originated in Spain. The game was initially known as ‘conquian’, and as the Spanish started migrating, this game spread to the rest of the world.

There is an alternate theory as well. It says that modern rummy has its roots in China, where a card game named ‘mahjong’ uses the same technique as rummy.

How Did The Name Rummy Come About?

The term ‘rummy’ came from the British slang ‘rum’, which means ‘odd’. Since the British considered this game as a strange mode of entertainment, they propagated this name. However, some also believe that the alcoholic drink ‘rum’ is the origin of this game as card games were predominantly played in pubs, and losers often treated winners with a drink.

Variants of Rummy

Here are some popular variants of the rummy game –

  • 13 card rummy
  • 21 card rummy
  • 500 rummy
  • Indian rummy
  • Shanghai rummy
  • Points rummy
  • Gin rummy

Apart from these fundamentals, you should know a few more crucial pointers about this game.

Important Facts to Know About Rummy

Here are a few vital facts that you should know about rummy –

  • You are not gambling if you are playing rummy 

Don’t carry the misconception that rummy is gambling. It is not luck-based. It requires a lot of skill to play this game. When you play rummy, even if you do not have a winning hand, you can strategise and execute your plan to win the game as it progresses.

  • Rummy is a legal card game

Due to the misconception that rummy involves luck and gambling, the game was banned in many countries. However, with the popularity of online rummy app, it is clear that the game is skill-based and not dependent on luck. Moreover, in countries like India, where gambling is illegal, rummy is a popular game as it requires skill to participate.

  • Online Rummy is a highly rewarding career

Online platforms allow players to get cash for playing rummy. That is why there are many professional players these days who pursue it full-time as a career. Back in the day, rummy was an enjoyable pastime activity for a group of people.

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