4 Tips for Styling the Best Prom Gown

4 Tips for Styling the Best Prom Gown

Prom season is around, and every individual wants to get their hands on the most beautiful prom dresses for a lovely night. Selecting gowns is a long process for many people since the big night needs an extraordinary dress to complement it. Most individuals find it hard to accessorise their dresses and look their best for proms since it is the first time they are in a situation where they need to pick a unique dress for themselves. From sparkly to metallic, flared to sleek, choosing the dress becomes confusing considering the options in front of every young individual.

Here are some styling tips to help youngsters pick the best prom dress for an eventful night full of glamour.

  1. Hairstyle

Most people do their hair the night before or even plan it for days. It can still look shabby if one does not style it to complement their dresses, footwear, or accessories. It all depends on the neckline and what generally suits one’s face. Many individuals like messy updo’s with a slick hold to give volume to the hair. It is best to make it wavy and add coloured highlights for a beautiful look.

One can leave their hair open and styled for a low neckline since it might look too empty. Add hair accessories like flowers or clips to contain and tame it. Use gels to calm flyaways and keep them stuck to the base. One could also use hair extensions and colours if required to volumise the look.

  1. Dress

Selecting gowns is confusing since individuals want to experiment with many patterns and elements. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity stresses everyone out, and one must remain patient while making their choice. You can look on Style Shake for variety of dresses. Choose a dress that enhances the figure and brings out the curves for the best looks. A sweetheart neckline is a trendy option for youngsters who want a deep and plunging upper half. 

Select flared dresses for royal appeal and tight gowns for a sexy look. A high slit on the side of the dress allows easier movement and exemplifies the look further. One can choose sparkly clothes if one wants to feel unique and stand out. A bare and suave outfit is perfectly alright on the other end for classy and sultry looks.

  1. Accessories

Do not hesitate to accessorise heavily. Since most of these dresses have deep cuts and slits, it helps people wear several accessories around their bodies. Thigh chains with attached charms are lovely to show off the leg and complete the look. One could even choose high-fashion bracelets and statement jewellery for their outfits since who wants to look simple on a prom night?

One could keep it simple with thin and uncomplicated jewellery if their dress is the showstopper. Add a pair of dangling earrings to engage the face better and drive attention towards it. Many people also like adding nose rings and piercings in this generation which goes perfectly well with traditional prom dresses.

  1. Footwear and Purses

Heels are the way to go. One cannot wear flats since the long prom dresses will hide them and look shabby. It ruins the entire look and makes an individual look shorter and the dress unfitting because it touches the floor. Add high heels that stand out and look good outside the gown.

One could wear creative heels with tulles attached or excessive sequins since prom is to dress extra. Take a cushioned purse with criss-cross patterns in contrasting colours or the same palette. It is the best opportunity to try colour-blocking in reality.